Recognizing Lifetime Fundraising Accomplishments

By Molly Fast A couple of years ago we (finally) introduced a fundraising rewards program on a long-time project which has a high fundraising minimum. It had been a long time coming. While it’s about encouraging participants to increase their fundraising performance, it’s also about recognizing participants who are truly……

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Real Life Scenarios: Sprinting to the Finish

By Lisa Matuszewski On Tuesday, Cheryl Stern shared about her real life scenario about fundraising rewards. Today we hear from Lisa Matuszewski on the importance of a single customer service interaction. How does a one-day race turn into a three-day event? I’m part of the team that makes that happen each…

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Real Life Scenarios: The Best-Laid [Reward] Plans

By Cheryl Stern “We’ve thought through everything. What could possibly go wrong?” After years of experience managing fundraising rewards and their on-event distribution, these were my famous last words the night before one of our largest events last spring. (I’d like it stated for the record that I’ve learned from……

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