Social Media Campaign ManagementThe Humane Society runs one of the largest and most successful nonprofit social media campaigns currently on the web.With more than 873,000 Facebook fans and more than 67,000 Twitter followers, the organization works to build relationships with social media users. With that many followers, an organization has to develop a social media management plan. To develop a loyal group of supporters online that can retain and continue to engage, it’s essential to adopt a social media management platform.

HootSuite allows you to monitor several different networks at once. You can follow your organization’s Twitter and Facebook activities in real time, and you can post to your various social networks directly from your dashboard. Hootsuite also allows you to schedule messages ahead of time and track your mentions and retweets. The platform allows multiple collaborators to work at once, and you can create custom analytics for your organization’s reports. Nonprofits can also apply for a 20 percent discount on Hootsuite.

Sprout Social also allows you to monitor social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. This platform shows you how many followers you’ve gained since joining the platform, how strong your engagement with your audience is, and how influential your organization is across the social web. It also offers suggestions on who to follow, provides a social media influential “scorecard” and highlights several widgets that can show you your follower demographics, clicks, check-ins and more. Sprout Social allows you to create custom analytics reports as well.

CrowdBooster, which is currently in beta, is also a multi-network dashboard that allows you to visualize your social media presence. Through interactive graphs and tables, this platform shows you how many times people have seen and clicked through your links, who has retweeted you and who has replied to your messages. It also tracks your most influential (your followers ranked by their reach) and loyal followers. CrowdBooster provides recommendations about what time you should tweet and what steps you should take based on your previous activity. CrowdBooster also allows you to create custom analytics reports.

Organizations use several different platforms to analyze their social media activity. What social media tracking tools does your nonprofit use? We’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments.


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