Take Your Event Festival from Good to Great

By Kat Thomas “How do we increase our festival’s survey score results?” That’s the million-dollar question that every event asks each year. And if you’re not asking that, you should be! Using a post-event survey to gather the feedback is a great way to identify what’s working, what’s not, and……

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Automation can be your friend… until it isn’t.

By Joann Buckley Collins These days, almost all of your communications can be automated. Emails, website updates, social media posts. Between autoresponders, social media schedulers, and web and email CMS technologies, you can easily prepare content in advance so that you’re not up at midnight on a Sunday night…

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Throwback Thursday with Event 360

Over the years, we have covered a vast array of topics on our Event 360 Blog, giving our followers the kind of advice that can lead to safer, more successful and efficient events―events that leave your participants feeling happy and fulfilled. In case you’ve missed any of that great content,……

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