Throwback Thursday with Event 360

Over the years, we have covered a vast array of topics on our Event 360 Blog, giving our followers the kind of advice that can lead to safer, more successful and efficient events―events that leave your participants feeling happy and fulfilled. In case you’ve missed any of that great content,……

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Careers for Good

By Suzanne Mooney What do you want to be when you grow up? A common question asked of children, garnering answers like teacher, astronaut, doctor, veterinarian, police officer, and firefighter. It’s not until we have a bit of life experience under our belts that we realize the myriad career options……

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Event 360 Teammate Spotlight: Jen Hagan

Our Event 360 Teammate Spotlight showcases the life and mind of Jen Hagan! Enjoy!


The Ride for Life

By Janelle Benuska

This past weekend we had the adventure of helping to produce the…

Throwback Thursday with Event 360

Our blog covers a great depth of topics and just in case you’ve missed any…

Tips for Major Last-Minute Event Changes

By Katie Zupancic Wymer

Tips for Major Last-Minute Event Changes 

While your team may have the “best laid…