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The Fundraising Interviews: 7 Questions for Shabbir Safdar

Written by wpadm

We’re launching a new interview series today on the Event Fundraising blog.  It’s called Seven Questions for Fundraisers & Marketers, and it’s designed to give you quick insight into the minds of some of the sector’s top nonprofit fundraisers and marketers.

If you would like to nominate someone (or yourself!) for an interview, please drop us an email at

Our first interview is with a true expert in web marketing measurement and online communications. In addition to being the co-founder of one of the largest digital public affairs agencies, he’s also the author of a new eBook: 3 Fundraising Metrics For Your Nonprofit Website.

My name is: Shabbir J. Imber Safdar

My online profile(s) of choice can be found at and everything is linked from there

The abc’s about me:
a) I’m an avid poker player.
b) I’m in love with measurement and analytics.
c) I can’t believe it took me 40 years to finally get to San Francisco.

My take on Fundraising & Marketing: I analyze data from nonprofit websites and social media presences.  And what I’ve learned is that nobody realizes what they’re doing is raising money, and why.

What’s good: Omigod, Facebook.  To all of you that are paying a third party to deliver email at best, once or twice a month to your prospects, do you realize Facebook has handed you an audience of 400 million users and a free tool in which its socially acceptable to talk to them 1-3x per day?

Also Google Grants.  It’s the most under-utilized tool in the nonprofit arsenal.  Hello?  $10k of ad spend per month, for free!

What’s bad: Website redesigns.  They’re very good for the agency, and very bad for the nonprofit.

What’s next: We’re entering the age of the numerati.  If you’re not measuring it, someone else who is will be coming after your donors mind share.

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