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06 Jun

Email Trends: Which Bandwagon Should You Hop Aboard?

By Cheryl Stern Each year it seems there are endless articles that pop up about the hottest email trends being used for all types of marketing. This isn’t surprising, since email remains such an important tool for communicating with your current audience and growing it. And while it’s not realistic to try out every new fad within your emails, it is important to keep your emails fresh and engaging to prevent your audience from tuning them out as nothing more…

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14 Feb

The Perfect Email Subject Line and Other Mythical Creatures

By Mark Dolce In the movie Hello Down There (1969), a groovy West coast record producer, Nate Ashbury, played with aplomb by a Nehru-jacketed Roddy McDowall, has a huge contraption in his studio that analyzes any song recording and produces a numerical quotient that correlates to its potential as a pop hit. Today, on the internet, the Nate Ashburys of email marketing abound, proclaiming that they’ve discovered the algorithmic elixir that produces the perfect email subject line, the perfect email…

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