AIDS Healthcare Foundation

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation needed to increase the fundraising totals for its Florida AIDS Walk. The organization wanted more ownership over the day-to-day production of event and sought out an event fundraising firm that could work seamlessly with its internal team.


The AIDS Healthcare Foundation hired Event 360 in 2008 to handle event strategy, production and logistics for the Florida AIDS Walk. Our team consulted with AHF and one major outcome was to implement a registration fee for the 2008 walk, whereas the previous year's event had no fee associated with participation. Based on experience and industry data, our team recognized that registration fees typically help an event prosper by both defraying event costs and aiding in participant to fundraiser conversion. We also used our expertise and vendor relationships to greatly reduce production costs for this event.


By streamlining production costs and driving more consistent participant fundraising levels, we helped the AIDS Healthcare Foundation greatly improve its return on investment for the Florida AIDS Walk. In fact, the net profit for the 2008 event was a 130% increase over 2007. Additionally, the amount raised per walker nearly tripled from 2007 to 2008. Another benefit of charging a registration fee for this event was that all of the participant and volunteer data was captured, including contact information for future communication, basic demographics and an accurate cont of participants, which is vital information for planning purposes. Not only did AHF feel that the 2008 Florida AIDS Walk was a success, participants did as well. Over three quarters of respondents to the post-event survey indicated that their expectations were met or exceeded and 88% of the respondents indicated that they will walk again. Survey respondents' awareness of AHF and its services greatly increased through this event as well. Because of these positive results and the great relationship forged between our organizations, AHF has retained Event 360's team for seven consecutive years.