Event 360 partners with corporations and nonprofits to develop events that create a better world.

Events bring in an additional component that no digital tool can match: the experience. Rather than ending with a piece of paper, a text message, or a Facebook page, an event program interacts personally with each individual. An event incorporates all five senses—moving beyond sight and sound to completely engage the whole person. And further, events multiply that immersion by dozens, hundreds, or sometimes thousands of interactions with other people. Done correctly, this experience is an unmatched way to allow donors and constituents to see, feel, and interact with an organization and its cause.

How We Can Help

We are big picture, strategic event practitioners offering a full range of services—including event production, social impact, technology, among other capabilities. Each is fully scalable, allowing us to offer advice and support, establish or upgrade your IT infrastructure, develop strategic roadmaps for your own internal efforts and produce and operate entire events.