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30 Aug

Registration and Check-in: Short, Sweet and To The Point

By Kat Thomas The registration and check-in process associated with live events is a topic always up for debate, and every event organizer has a strong opinion. If smooth, it can be one of the greatest aspects of your event. If confusing, inconsistent, or difficult, it will be one of the largest pain points for your participants. In this day and age, there is no reason for it to be the latter. Participants should leave your website and check-in tent…

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25 Aug

Event 360 Recommends: Royal Purple Raceway – Houston, TX

At Event 360 we work hard and play hard. We travel the country going from one event to the next, and in the process we tumble upon some really great places in the cities we work. Be it a restaurant, music venue or book store (to name a few), we have found some must-see attractions and we want to share them with you. Today, Katie Zupancic Wymer, Consumer Marketing Manager with MuckFest® MS, tells us about one of her favorite spots in Houston!…

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23 Aug

All You Need Is A Little Extra Love…How To Ensure Your Volunteers Will Come Back.

By Amy Schwager & Robin Shapiro You know that one volunteer? I know you do. She arrives early with a smile, stays late, knocks your socks off with her sheer awesomeness and leaves you wondering where she has been all your event life and what you need to do to make sure she comes back next year. For us, her name is Sarah. Sarah volunteered with us at this year’s Susan G. Komen Washington D.C. Race for the Cure®. She…

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