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27 Sep

Music on Your Event or “Is This the Right Room for an Argument?”

By Mark Dolce After politics and religion, the next best subject for starting arguments is music, probably because it is so inextricably entwined with our personalities. Not to get all boozy and Freudian, but music is kind of like the Angostura bitters in the Manhattan of your id. It's an essential ingredient in all of those pleasure-seeking impulses, which is why a friendly discussion of music can quickly become a bottle-throwing brouhaha. Clearly music is not going to make or…

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22 Sep

Event 360 Recommends – Stone Mountain Park – Stone Mountain, GA

At Event 360 we work hard and play hard. We travel the country going from one event to the next, and in the process we tumble upon some really great places in the cities we work. Be it a restaurant, music venue or book store (to name a few), we have found some must-see attractions and we want to share them with you. Today, Jennifer Hanskat, Komen 3-Day Participant Support Coordinator, shares one her favorite spots, which also happens to be the site…

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20 Sep

Agile Marketing: How to get things done

By Jim Hennessey Here at Event 360, our Consumer Marketing team operates on the basic principles of Agile Marketing. You may have heard the term before, but do you know what it is and how it can help your marketing team perform better? Let’s take a look. What is Agile Marketing? Agile is a tactical marketing approach in which marketing teams collectively identify high value projects on which to focus their collective efforts. Using agile principles, marketing teams can open…

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