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27 Jun

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Uncharted Territory

By: Janelle Banuska, Ann Love, Eileen Barnick, Melanie Toner and Cheryl Stern At Event 360, we strive to excel and push ourselves both personally and professionally. Recently, several employees moved into new positions within departments and across projects. We thought it fitting to speak with some of these rock stars and ask them what it’s like going from knowing and nailing your role to having a whole new learning curve. Read on to see what wisdom they had to share…

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20 Jun

Finding and Working with Your Brand Loyalists

By: Kaleigh Glaza Celebrity endorsements are a dime a dozen in the advertising and social media worlds. From cars to beauty products to credit cards, every famous face seems to be a fan. But do you really need a celebrity when you have your own loyal community right at your fingertips? Compared to models or actors, everyday brand ambassadors can actually have a weightier and more influential effect for the company they are promoting, and to the audience of their…

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13 Jun

Social Media Trends: What Should You Be Posting?

By Katie Zupancic Wymer Now that we’ve tackled email trends, let’s look at what is happening in social media. With such diverse content flooding your news feed, how do you make your posts stand out? While we may spend hours crafting the perfect post and designing the most eye-catching graphic or video, our team has one motto: at the end of the day, your content is up against a cat meme. Keeping that in mind, what social media trends can…

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