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16 Feb

Take Time to Take Stock

By Rene Tamayo As we are in the middle of intensive planning for the upcoming event season, I’d like to reflect on the prior season and highlight four great reasons for emphasizing post-event clean-up and inventory as crucial elements to the success of your overall event. Over the years, my team has become a major proponent of taking the time and effort to ensure that we do a thorough job of inventorying our event assets post-event. Some may consider this…

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14 Feb

The Perfect Email Subject Line and Other Mythical Creatures

By Mark Dolce In the movie Hello Down There (1969), a groovy West coast record producer, Nate Ashbury, played with aplomb by a Nehru-jacketed Roddy McDowall, has a huge contraption in his studio that analyzes any song recording and produces a numerical quotient that correlates to its potential as a pop hit. Today, on the internet, the Nate Ashburys of email marketing abound, proclaiming that they’ve discovered the algorithmic elixir that produces the perfect email subject line, the perfect email…

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09 Feb

Planning an Event? Start with Building Relationships

By Kiki Setterlund It’s that time again. Event planning season. As the beginning of another tour year draws upon us here at Event 360, I like to take some time to reflect on what and who it takes to pull off an event like the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®. Much like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes roughly 11 separate jurisdictions and 40 local contacts to pull off the three day, 60-mile journey. In my experience…

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