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The 5 W’s of Event Marketing

Author: Jim Hennessey and Katie Zupancic on 25 April 2014 | 0 Comments

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As event marketing professionals, we are constantly evaluating and reevaluating the who, where, why, what, and when of our events. On this quick journey through our event marketing funnel, we’ll explore the best ways to target, locate, reach, inspire, and convert listeners into participants.

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Five Tips to Create a School Event and Pack in the People

Author: Jennifer Ricker and Emily Anderson on 12 March 2014 | 0 Comments

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Schools are vital players to each community.  As such, we understand that when a school holds a special event, the community should be there in full force. However, with today’s busy schedule, how do you effectively pack your event with parents and members of the community?  As event managers and parents, we recently had to use all of our skills when planning an event for our kid’s schools.

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Keeping Your Website Relevant for Your Participants

Author: Joann Collins on 11 February 2014 | 0 Comments

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With the vast array of social media sites and technological innovations changing daily, people are getting used to having up-to-date, useful information at their fingertips. Even non-techies are getting comfortable throwing around terms like “user interface” when commenting on how they experience a website. How’s an organization supposed to keep up?

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Impact of #Social Media in the Event World

Author: Katie Zupancic on 16 December 2013 | 0 Comments

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If you ran MuckFestTM MS, a 5K full of obstacles and giant pits of mud that leaves you hilariously covered from head to toe in muck, you’d want to brag about it! And as you snapped a selfie” then shared it with your friends on social media, we at MuckFest MS would send up a cheer – because you just became the newest member of our marketing team.

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Three Books Every Event Fundraiser and Marketer Should Read

Author: Amy DeShane on 1 April 2013 | 0 Comments

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Amy DeShaneMost of us feel like we don’t have time for a shower, or to make our beds, or to even exercise (despite all of the evidence that it is good for us). So even though I know that keeping up on the latest trends in event fundraising and marketing is critically important, it often falls to the wayside as tactical necessities take over. Luckily for you (and me) my coworkers at Event 360 have read and recommend some great books. Here are three that you (and I) should read. And before we all declare, “I don’t have time to read,” remember that as little as a page per day will get you through any book.

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Engaging Your Disengaged Corporate Volunteers

Author: on 28 March 2013 | 0 Comments

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Corporate VolunteersWe’ve all seen it time and time again: the loose change collection jar or the dollar treats in the break room with a “support our charity walk team” sign. We feel good by giving back, and we also feel like we are doing something for our workplace. But donating a dollar only goes so far – how do you make the leap and ask your employees to volunteer an afternoon or even a whole day?

Corporate volunteerism takes a lot of time, effort and several resources, there’s no doubt about it. But what could be better PR than a group of 10 of your employees sporting their red “Bank of America” t-shirts and volunteering at a pit stop5K race where 10,000 people will see them? Sounds like a no-brainer to me. 

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What nonprofits can learn from Bank of America's cause-related marketing program

Author: Jono Smith on 11 February 2013 | 0 Comments

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Bank of America has emerged from the global financial crisis with a streamlined cause marketing and sponsorship program.

The bank's Charles Greenstein, senior vice president and global sponsorship marketing executive, highlights the evolution of its sponsorship program, including the rollout of Express Your Thanks, a program that generated $250,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project, in an interview with IEG's Sponsorship Report.

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Why Event Fundraisers Should Leverage National Events Like the Super Bowl

Author: Jono Smith on 31 January 2013 | 0 Comments

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Super Bowl Graphic 2013This year’s Super Bowl date has been indelibly marked on the calendars of millions of Americans for some time now. Not only for the diehard fans, but for those close to them and even those who just watch the commercials, “Super Sunday” is akin to a national holiday.

But it didn’t occur to me that there was a connection between event fundraising and Super Bowl Sunday until I received a very creative email from the Illinois Division of the American Cancer Society with the subject line: “Dream BIG on Super Bowl Sunday.” This email marketing campaign was a Super-Bowl fueled special offer that asked people to register on February 3 for their 2013 Walk & Roll fundraising event (immediate relevance = using a sporting event to promote another sporting event). The subject line and body copy helped create a connection to the Super Bowl: “Join us on the field by registering for a 2013 Walk and Roll event by Sunday, February 3rd and be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift card from Amazon!” Think of this email when promoting your own events. Tie-ins can inspire registrations and donations if they are relevant, well written, and offer incentives.

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Beating The Post-Event Blues With Post-Event Relationship Marketing

Author: Michele Campbell, King Fish Media on 12 November 2012 | 0 Comments

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Michele CampbellWe’ve all been there. As marketers, we work hard on a given campaign or fundraising event with focus and dedication. And then suddenly, it seems, the job is done. For the past two years I have served as a volunteer race director for the North Shore Cancer Run, a local 5K race that raises funds to benefit cancer patients. The planning starts a year in advance, goes by quickly, and then it’s race day and everything comes together—the hard work has paid off. But, as the last runner finishes there’s a sense of, “now what do I do with myself?” I call this the “post-event blues.”

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Social Purpose: The Fifth ‘P’

Author: Carol Cone on 12 October 2012 | 0 Comments


In 1983, the words “cause marketing” came together to describe a breakthrough promotional idea linking the American Express card to the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. Every use of the card triggered a small donation to restore the luster of our nation’s beacon of freedom.

The idea was revolutionary and marketers watched closely. Could a company partner with a cause to create interest for a product, for a brand, for an entire company? Could alignment with a social issue create a new narrative, drive preference and, ultimately, influence sales?

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