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15 Dec

The Perfect Event Date

By Slade Thompson One of the key factors in determining an event’s success is selecting an event date. And when it comes to selecting an event date there are roughly a billion considerations to take into account. The truth is that trying to find the perfect day is nearly impossible. So here are a few of the top factors to consider as you begin your selection process. To make your life easier, we recommend you start by getting a few…

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13 Dec

Working With Millennials: What We Want You to Know

By Alyssa Curran People can’t utter the word “millennial” today without seeing visions of artisanal fair trade coffee and hipster-plastic-rimmed glasses flash through their head, but as a card-carrying millennial myself (1985! What a year!), I wanted to write a blog post about some of the misconceptions about millennials.  As it goes with most large populations, it’s not fair to judge the whole group by a selection of distinct individuals. Here’s my attempt to rationalize and talk through a few…

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08 Dec

How Event 360 Produced Five Events in One Weekend

By Jillian Schranz You know how they say, “Save the best for last?” At Event 360, we saved the MOST for last. After producing 32 events over the first 34 weeks of our 2016 event season, we pulled out all the stops to produce five events on the second weekend in November. We had teams on the ground coast-to-coast in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston and Newport News, VA working to produce one MuckFest® MS event, two DAV 5K…

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